There are times where my dog refuses to eat? What happened to him? Not feeling well? Sick?

Do not worry when your dogs refuse to eat. Just recalled back the time when you were a child. You still remembered the time where your parents forced you to eat vegetables. Dogs, just like human child counterparts will refuse to eat sometimes. It is not necessary that your dogs are sick when they refuse to eat. This most likely happened just because they are tired of the food they are having!

I would say it is not necessary to bring him to the vet when he refused to eat. You should observe and prepare a checklist with you first before bringing him to the vet. There are times where your dog will lose appetite but if the situation only last for one or two days then it might not be critical. But if it last for more than 3 days, then you might need to bring him to the vet.

Generally, dogs are not picky to their food. There are reasons that could contribute to loss of appetite to your dog.

Still remembered once my little Nina loses her appetite when I changed her food abruptly. There are so many brands of dog food available in the market, but how to decide your dog favorite brand? To get the best dog food that suit your dog, you will need to try varies type of dog food brands until you get the one she enjoy the most. Remember to choose the appropriate dog food for your dog.

Sometimes, dog refuse to eat when they are having tooth ache. How to know whether your dog are having tooth ache? Normally dog suffering from tooth ache will refuse to eat dry kibble, whining while eating, scratching or pawing at his mouth and bad breath. Just open up his mouth and check his teeth. There might be plaque build up on his teeth and gums.

Female dogs might be losing appetite during their heat cycle too. These happened to female dogs while male dog’s appetite might be affected when there is a female dog in heat nearby. But if your female dogs stop eating after the heat cycle complete you will need to bring her to the vet. As this might be an early sign of illness.

If your dogs have been prescribed with any medications, this might be one of the factors that contribute to loss of appetite. Medications might contribute some side effects to your dog. If these happened continuously for few days, then you will need to stop her from the medications immediately and consult your vet.

But generally, dog refuse to eat most likely occurred due to the problem that dogs are getting bored with their food and just don’t feel like eating. As long as you are giving him the right food then you should be able to have a happy eating dog.

Incredible dog lovers, Danielle Chua, read on

Love and Understand your dog,

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